About Us

About Us


About-us-section-photo-1SCARLET’S WAY “A DOG’S WORLD!” mission is to provide a memorable experience for dogs and dog owners; to create a new standard for the K-9 community. This includes unbeatable measures to ensure the health and safety of our four legged customers by selling products only made in the USA. We believe in having fun and providing a peace of mind.

About-us-section-photo-2We set out to create a dog boutique that illustrates trust, dedication, and education.  We hope to further the bond between people and their dog(s) by providing excellent products that dogs of all breeds and sizes require as well as providing knowledge for dog owners.

We wanted SCARLET’S WAY “A DOG’S WORLD!” to resemble a home where customers can come and shop comfortably with their lifelong companions. And by taking our boutique one step further allowed us to accomplish that very environment. We view it as a doggy haven!


Scarlet's Way - About UsKayla Scarane was born in Newburgh, NY. When she was in 7th grade she moved to Warwick, NY with her parents and 2 sisters. Growing up she has always had a love for animals. She volunteered for various shelters and even worked on a private farm taking care of 2-4 horses. But she quickly found her first love has always been dogs.

Graduating  high school  in 2008, Kayla attended three different colleges, twice for Fashion Merchandising and once to become a Vet Tech. While attending her second college she got  involved with a fostering program for a high kill shelter. She found homes for ten dogs. That is where she found her love for Pitbulls. At twenty one years old, she shortly realized she did not have a passion for the careers and decided to completely withdraw. Kayla knew she had to pursue a different direction, one not involving school.

On March 22, 2011, she decided to adopt her own Pitbull Scarlet from the Humane Society of Blooming Grove. Scarlet and Kayla quickly bonded and she knew she had found her lifelong companion. Kayla’s parents admired her love for the breed and recognized the passion she had for the animal world. Her father Nicholas proposed an idea, to open her very own dog boutique. He believed in this idea and knew she would succeed. That became the first step in giving birth to her new New York/ Orange County adventure, SCARLET’S WAY “A DOG’S WORLD!”

About-us-section-replace-sign-photo-thereKnowing she had no idea how to develop the grand idea in her head, she began her research.  Kayla immersed herself in learning about the most excellent products, type of products,  and where they were made. She looked to her father for guidance to learn about the best way to own and operate a business. The goal was to create a homey environment offering products she would want to buy for her own dog and offer customer care she would expect. The SCARLET’S WAY “A DOG’S WORLD!” vision was born and her dream expanded. Kayla set out to build a dog boutique like nothing available in her surroundings areas. “I knew I could have looked and sold products made in China like everyone else, but I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted a place that offered American made pet products (collars, leads, toys, food, treats etc.), a dog friendly environment, an upscale look and lots of love provided by staff.  It had to be built with our customers pets in mind.”

A true dog haven for pet owners wanting the best for their companions!

My Story

My StoryWhen I was 6 months old my owner surrendered me to the Humane Society of Blooming Grove. I was confused, why would anyone want to give me up? Look how adorable I am!

My new temporary home was full of other doggie friends and sometimes it was noisy, but the nice people at the humane society made sure I was well taken care of. I spent a few weeks at shelter which seemed like a life time. On a Sunday in March I was brought out of my kennel for a meet and greet. I met a girl who was looking for a Pit Bull just like me! She tossed a ball, gave me pets and even hugs. I could not help but curl up into her lap. After playtime was over, I was brought back to my doggie friends and bed.

I had no idea that March 22, 2011 was going to be a life changing event! The girl I had met came back with her family to adopt me. I got myself a snazzy new collar and matching leash. I said Goodbye to the wonderful shelter manager-and off I went with my new owner, Kayla Scarane. That day, I found my best friend and she found hers! A year later, Kayla used her inspiration and love for dogs to open up her very own dog boutique, and even named it after me!