Please share your happy tail! We take pride in knowing our customers had a pleasurable experience when visiting Scarlet’s Way.

  • “Scarlet’s Way is a great place to find quality food, treats and accessories for your dogs. We enjoy visiting with Kayla, Scarlet and Samantha while we check out all of the new and exciting products they carry. I highly recommend it! My dogs especially love their jerky treats and specialty cookies.”

    Dawn -

  • “At Scarlet’s Boutique, they carry some of the most dog friendly products. I adopted a puppy named Lexi, who suffers from a very sensitive digestive track. She was eating carpets in my home just to soothe her stomach. Kayla introduced me to a line of food that we hoped would help my pup begin to feel better. Ever since I started Lexi on the new food, Lexi’s behavior completely changed. She is no longer eating carpets, she is more playful and her coat is extremely soft. I cannot express my gratitude and thankfulness to Kayla or her store’s products for not only offering a way to help Lexi to feel better but to also help give me some piece of mind. The customer service is unbeatable, and it is truly an enjoyable experience every time I go. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance!!””

    Lindsay & Lexi -

  • “I stopped into Scarlet’s Way today and was impressed with how helpful and friendly the owners were. The store is beautiful and I love the fact that everything is made in America – and that part of the proceeds go to helping dogs. I wish them the best of luck in their new venture; a true labor of love.”

    Georgene -

  • What a wonderful place! The owners are knowledgeable and so friendly. They have quality products and support the local humane society. They love animals and that warmth and good hearted-ness absolutely shines through from the moment you walk in the door.

    Angela -

  • Friendly knowledgeable staff, very welcoming. Quality products and a great place to shop for your pet 

    Jenna -

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